Thursday, July 12, 2012

America the Beautiful

For the past two years, Brady has been trying to convince me of how Florida is beautiful.  I made the mistake of telling him I would not follow him to Florida if he went to medical school there so don't apply (it just did not sound appealing to live in Miami, nor will it ever).  Now, whenever Florida comes up he raves about how great it is, just to irk me. So we had to put it to the test.

Last week over the 4th of July weekend we went and visited our friends Mike and Courtney in Destin, Florida.  More accurately, Niceville, Florida, which is just across the bridge from Destin.  If all of Florida was like Niceville/Destin, I would fully admit to take back all my judgment and fall in love with all of Florida.  Because that is what happened in Niceville/Destin!

We left Saturday night and stopped in New Orleans for a night.  I loved seeing the architecture and the history behind the buildings and the town.  We went to Cafe Du Monde and enjoyed delicious beignets and then walked through different parts before starting on our drive again.  

The Kelley's were the more darling family and we were so grateful for their hospitality and generosity!  We had a blast on the beach, walking around different parts of town, dreaming of yachts, jet skiing with dolphins, and just hanging out with Mike, Courtney, and their family.

We enjoyed our few days away and were so sad to leave!  We drove home through a downpour of rain, and we got back to Houston just in time to watch the fireworks.  In Houston, people just park alongside the busiest freeways to watch fireworks because they have the best views.  So we found our spot, and watched two different firework shows.  What a country we live in!  And on that day, we enjoyed the beauty of 5 different states!

I still will never live in Miami.


Emi said...

yay you blogged! love this post...and i agree about miami. cute are you in those glasses?? xo love you!

Dave and SarahJane said...

First off, don't dis Florida ;) second, we are stoping new Orleans on the way to Florida too. Any suggestions on places to stay or eat? Message me! Anywho.. Glad you two had fun!